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Stop the Slow Leaks From Your Monthly Expenses!

The #1 goal of your money plan is to ensure you are spending your money on things that really matter to you. When I first started to work with Jenny (real person, fictitious name), she had ideas on items that she wanted to remove from your monthly obligations, including a $6 fee for what she called an “annoying game” Sound familiar? I see this all the time. Given the small price point, the annoyance isn’t large enough to take action and cancel these subscriptions. The issue is how these small drains add up. To boost your motivation to take action, consider the bigger picture. Think of it as a bucket of water that has 4-6 pinpricks. It is a slow, unnoticeable drain until you look in the bucket, finding it hard to believe that so much is lost out of the bucket! Your money works the same way and leaves you wondering where did my money go, I just got paid. 

The typical mindset in these situations are:

  1. Signed up for the 30-day test trial for 9.99 a month. After the 30 days, it bangs your account. Since you are not checking your account for small amounts, you do not notice the charge for a couple of months. You resolve this by promising yourself you will start to use this account to get your money's worth, but you never do. After a year, this adds up to $120 a year. 

  2. Signed up for a subscription that is such a low charge, say $6 a month. You used it at first, but your interest waned. And now you never use it. After a few more months you are so invested and annoyed you ignore it, after all, it is only $6. You are just stuck paying for it. 

Jenny hesitated for the first few months to cancel anything because her thoughts of admitting that she wasted her money for all these months becomes true once she cancels these subscriptions. Dumping the subscriptions that she is not using saved her just under $150 a month. That is a whopping $1800 a year. Looking at the annual cost, was enough to motivate her to find the motivation and time to cancel. Have you ever wondered why salespeople speak in terms of it is only $X a month, given the annual amount we all are less likely to say yes, right? The truth is we all experience buyer’s remorse, but forgive yourself, know you are not alone, and focus on things that you really want, the things that add value and joy to your life experience. 

Just two purchases that drain your money can add up over a year. Truth be told, I can find $100 or more a month in any budget, adding up to $1200 a year. What could you do with $1200? What $1200 memory could you add to your life? What $1200 product or service could make your life easier or more enjoyable? When done correctly, fine-tuning your numbers lifts your spirit and adds to your bank balance and life!


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