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Hey, listen, I have done workshops and online courses before but this one is truly special and you will gain the knowledge and steps right away to change how money works in for life. Even if you are doing well with your money, there is always something new to learn. Money is a tool that can be used so you have choices in your life with peace of mind and joy. 

What Others Are Saying

Cynthia is truly a professional in what she does. She is a teacher at heart and has a gift for finding just the right way to explain things for her audience to understand... DaRenda Hanson

Cynthia Anderson was so helpful to me in assisting me with my relationship with money. She was never critical or harsh...rather, she was encouraging in every positive step I took, and then assisted me in focusing on future goals. She is so personal and somehow finds a way to make working with budgeting one's money a fun experience. ---Pat McCleve 

I started working with Cynthia around November 2019. My girlfriend and I were struggling to put anything away. Within 6 months, not only do we both have a sizeable chunk put away for a down-payment for a house (which we are still adding to) but I was able to save for a ring on the side and recently proposed. Cynthia has really helped us look at money in a way that is easy to follow and stay organized without dreading budgeting. I would recommend her to anyone!--- Brice Beutner 

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