Propel Your Finances 

Hello! I have a unique opportunity for a group of people interested in financial literacy. I created a 90-minute workplace workshop on:                              

  •  common money problems

  •   what causes these problems

  •  the first steps to solve them

  •  why traditional budgeting doesn’t work

  •  a better way to budget

  •  goal setting to propel personal finance

I want to give the workshop a test run before delivering it to a live audience. What’s included: 90-minute virtual workshop on topics above, a digital workbook, and live Q&A so participants leave with a starting point!

This program is perfect for those who are curious about money but don’t know where to begin. All you need is an open mind and the internet to participate.

The introductory price is $25 per person/couple. My hope is that I can gain feedback from participants, so I can make this program incredibly awesome!!!

Monday, March 23rd from 5:30-7:30. Spread the word! Want more details, reach out. 

Register here.


It is possible to love your money!

Coach Cynthia

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