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Small Group Workshops

Workshops become available when the first person registers. The first participant to commit to a workshop works with me to pick the date and time to schedule, typically three weeks into the future. This allows me to recruit additional participants. 


Enrollment in workshops is limited to 8 participants leading to meaningful discussion and reflectation.

Get started on mastering critical components of personal finance.  

Debt-Free '23

Is debt driving you nuts? Kick it the curb in 2023. Join us for 90 minutes on Tuesday June 20th at 5:30-7:00pm, 2023.

Money In Your '20s

Calling all 20 years old, learn key financial concepts to get you on the right track for financial success.

Reach out to schedule 

Money Topics That Matter

Take control of your money. Money should not stop you from dreaming big. Quite the opposite, your money should work to help you achieve your dreams.

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