Your Journey Starts With the Discovery Session

  • I know I can do better with my money.

  • I've tried budgeting before and it just doesn't​ work for me. 

  • I am overwhelmed and I don't know where to begin.  

  • I need to get organized! 

You are not alone! It is my passion to provide solutions to challenges and more without sucking all the fun out of money. I provide my clients with the discipline, without judgment, that they often cannot provide for themselves. I believe in consistent progress, not perfection. With commitment and the right plan, you can win! I work with clients around both the behavior/beliefs about money as well as the practical side, like budgeting and planning.

What are you telling yourself about money?  

Together we will design a clear money plan that gets you organized to repair or prepare for your future financial success. 

What will you gain during your Discovery Session?

  • An income and expense assessment

  • A structure to organize your money for easy implementation 

  • A debt-payoff and savings plan without sacrificing all the fun. 

  • Discussion of your unique  2-3 money challenges and concerns

  • Tailored action steps to take to improve your specific situation, reducing your stress

What is included?

All Prep Work**From the moment you schedule, I will be here for you to support you. 

Two Hour Virtual Strategy Session

30 Minute Next Steps Call  

Starting at $397   


The heart of my business is the personal level of service I offer along with tools, knowledge and experience  to create a plan to help you become financially solid.

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