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About Cynthia 

Supportive, Experienced, Certified



My own financial journey began as a child. I was raised in poverty by a single mom. We were on food stamps and I have first hand experience watching my mother struggle with money. I was determined to learn about personal finance to escape the stress that I saw my mother endure. As a young adult, I mastered managing money on a limited income, often helping my mother  and meeting the needs of raising a family.


At age 29, I was divorced and raising a son, on an Arizona teacher’s salary! Those were lean, scary years. I had to watch every penny to focus on getting out of debt, including a debt to the IRS.


Four years later, I married my current husband, Michael, which introduced a new dynamic for me, couple money management. Michael and I have learned sound money habits and budgeting techniques that work. It wasn't always that way. As a young couple with children we were ordinary. We had 2 student loans, 2 car payments, very little in savings, and a mortgage. We overused credit cards, but thought we were doing great because we paid the large balance each month. We were overspending because for the first time in or lives we could.


In 2004, our money mindset all changed when Michael was in a rollover car accident. Michael was driving on the freeway around midnight, fell asleep at the wheel, hit a guard rail, the vehicle flipped and started on fire. Thankfully, an off duty firefighter was on the freeway that night. He removed Michael and put out the car fire. Michael was okay but the way we were handling our money was not okay. If this accident had a different ending and we lost Michael's income our family would have gone under. We had to make a serious change on how we were handling money. This is when I became super vigilant in learning about personal finance.


Today we live debt free, including the house. We have a lot of freedom and joy in our marriage. A major happiness factor is we have freedom to choose our family’s lifestyle, directing our money that aligns with our core values. Our financial goal is to leave a legacy for our children and their children. And we are doing it! Now I am helping others do the same. Don't wait until something happens, do it today, get help for your money and for the life you want to lead. I am here to encourage you, give you the hope and the tools you need to succeed. 


I assist my clients achieve more with their money, and provide them with all the tools necessary to get them to fulfill their financial goals, whatever that is, paying off debt to leaving a legacy for their children.  Let me help you learn and develop better ways to handle issues that stand in the way of your financial destiny.

Coach Cynthia is a graduate of Financial Coach Academy and a Dave Ramsey Master Coach

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