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Money Topics That Matter


Coach Cynthia 

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for 2 Ninety Minute Sessions a week apart 

Cost $200

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I meet people every day who are sick and tired of money making decisions for them and want to take control and start making decisions about their money to get more of what they want in life. The primary obstacle is knowing how to get started. 


There are three necessary components to set yourself up for financial success for your future self.   


1. Developing a healthy core philosophy on money 

2. Defining what financial success looks like to you

3. Mastering the basics of money 


Shine a light and build your knowledge with money to build a bright financial future for now and later.

Topics Include: 


  • Awareness of money experiences that affect your money attitude

  • Balancing spending, saving, and giving  

  • Panning for your money now and in the future

  • Avoiding Common Money Mistakes 

  • Defining Financial Success 

  • Habits that help

  • Building a life vision and using money as a tool

  • Organizing for simplicity

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Money Topics That Matter Is Right For You If: 


  • You want to learn about how money and credit works

  • You are ready to prepare for future financial success

  • You are an extreme saver or overzealous spender

  • You have delayed getting started 

  • You believe knowledge is power  

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