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Budget Victory for Victoria!

Frustrated over organizing your budget?

I have a good friend named Victoria. Victoria has always struggled with organization. In fact, at one point in time, she hired a life coach to help her become organized. So, the thought of starting a budget was overwhelming for Victoria. Sound familiar?

Victoria's weakness is organization. Victoria shared with me that even if she wanted to work with me she would struggle because she had no idea where to even find her bills to start a budget. I could hear her shuffling through papers. I asked Victoria, “do you automate your bills?” She replied with, yes, of course I do. Victoria was instantly relieved when I told her all she needed was her computer to log onto her accounts to determine her bills. She was ecstatic! Additionally, many credit cards will provide you with a yearend report that tracks your expenses by categories. She laughed, “you're right, how silly it is of me to think that I would have to find every paper bill within these piles of papers.” I sent Victoria a google budget sheet with the most common bills to start her planning. She was relieved.

Victoria reminded me that we all have our own special gifts. Victoria's gift is to challenge others to reach outside their comfort zone. Victoria motivated me to start blogging. I am not a gifted writer, but Victoria’s encouragement is motivating me to get underway with sharing stories to impact others.

Take a lesson from Victoria and me. To get started in budgeting, all you need is internet access and motivation to reach outside your comfort zone. Do it today! Your future self will thank you.


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