Critical Money Session

College Students 

This session is designed with the college student in mind.  None of us were taught this stuff, but that doesn't have to be. I have learned a lot about college life budgeting through first hand experience from my own children. My youngest and fourth child starts his journey this fall. This is a perfect time to start discussing financial concepts to ensure a  successful relationship with money that lasts. During student orientation many college and universities suggest making a budget, but it is rarely done. Why? It is on the to do list without any practical tools and knowledge to use, it becomes left undone and sets the stage for a life long struggle with managing money.  With that in mind, this session was developed as a starting point on building foundational critical money concepts.


The session is 75 minutes of  jammed packed best practices in managing money while in college. Topics Include:


  • create a budgeting and spending plan

  • learn about key financial concepts, like overdraft fees and use of credit cards

  • Select the topics that interest you most.

  • This session is tailor made to answer your burning questions about money.

Parents are welcome to attend. Walk away feeling confident with your money!