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Excited About Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day_Love to shop

Amazon Prime Day is July 16th

In the last few years the Amazon Prime Day has become a special day in our family. In fact, we have gone so far as putting on Bing Crosby Christmas music to kick off this special day. Okay, my middle son, Jacob, age 17, did put a stop to the music playing because he won’t be getting any gifts so why listen, right? I understand how we can lose our mind and focus while shopping after all, companies hire people do their marketing and advertising. They are in the business of making money, right. Amazon Prime Day is one of the events that can cause us to lose our minds. Here are a few tips to use to stay in control.

1. Create Your Wish List Research prices for these items from other vendors. When we see a price slashed by 30%-75%, it something triggers in our mind that it is such a great deal, we just cannot pass this thing up. But pause, and ask yourself, is it REALLY a good deal? Verify it with another vendor. In fact, maybe Walmart or Target has a similar item available.

2. Set Your Money Limit Set a certain money amount for shopping in your monthly budget. I prefer to call it a spending plan which gives you permission to spend within your limits. DO NOT spend your rent money, you will suffer a tremendous blow to your well-being. Nothing is worth losing your peace. Whatever the effects are: regret, stress, sleepless nights, it is simply not worth it. We are led to believe that you will never find “this deal” again. Deals and sales are happening every day. You will be okay if you miss Amazon Prime Day! I promise, in fact, when was the first Amazon Prime Day?

3. Fill Your Cart, Then Delete I have set the limit of $200 for Amazon Prime Day. As I shop, I fill my cart, once I tire of searching, I check my cart. Most likely, I will be over the $200, I start to prioritize the items I really want, and I scrutinize the price of each item, sometimes I delete something because I don’t like the color, I get really picky. Then I start deleting, until I get just under my mark. After you submit your order your thoughts will turn from, I hope I like everything to I am so excited about my purchases. In fact, delete anything that you hope you will like. When I was out of control with my spending, I sometimes had a hard time recalling what I purchased. To check yourself on this, when your box, or boxes, arrive make a mental list of what you purchased, sound like fun? Maybe you might want to return what you don’t remember buying.

4. Be A Professional Returner This can go a couple of different ways. When I first started with “Oh, I can just return it and I am sure I am not going to like everything” These thoughts caused me to overspend and then guess what, I did love it all! So there goes my spending budget!! A second result is I simply wouldn’t return it. Be committed to returning. Stay within your limit and return what you don’t want, and it will give you a feeling of being a great shopper!

For those of you participating in Amazon Prime Day, put on your favorite Christmas song, get some hot apple cider, and enjoy! Or just enjoy!


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